Our Services

Check out how Dviz Technologies creates value for organizations, teams, and leaders. Get ideas for your business, too. Our services combine the tools and knowledge to grow your business faster. 

List Builder

List builder makes dataset building as easy as pie! You can aggregate a list of companies to target, a list of keywords to use, or even a list of products and materials with a simple search query targeted on relevant web sources.



Car data automation is a one-stop-shop that enables building digital insights on listings. This helps in sourcing inventory better and connect to leads faster than ever before! 


This automation provides access to data around restaurants fast and easy. All you need is a location and a search query and you are good to go.  


Marketplaces is focused on automated search with specific queries on B2C marketplaces to extract the data that is most relevant to you. We currently have Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist among others on our watchlist.  

Content Feed

Content Feed is the proactive way of staying relevant today with knowledge being gathered at near real-time. This automation aims to target subject-related articles, news, intellectual property, among others based on user preferences.

Niche Marketplaces

(EVERYTHING Tech ) Niche Marketplaces are out there and we are here to help you access data relevant around your business today fully automated with what you need and when you need it. This is available only under the custom plan. 

LinkedIn network builder

This automation helps build your LinkedIn network today faster than ever before. This is a multi-automation process that helps you connect and message with your network and create a digital trail in your records.  


This proprietary automation monitors public influencers and filters them into a dataset based on your requirements. You have the option to choose the country of the influencer, the type of influencer you are looking for and the business category.  


This automation allows you to keep track of what is trending combined with real-time engagement on TikTok.  


A multi-automation process that monitors public profiles and all their media engagements and more.


Connect aids in automating your contact list build as you discover your audience by crawling and extracting contact details based on your search queries. Identify easily integrates to your Hubspot, Zoho, and Salesforce accounts.  


A multi-automation process to help you discover your audience starting with a name list that can be further enriched with social media profiles or expanded by targeting similar profiles. 

Growth Lead Manager (GLM)

GLM is all about building and integrating your own data into your CRM. Easily integrated with our web and social automations to bring the data from your ecosystem (web and social) into your CRM. The custom plan offers additional custom features.

LinkedIn Identify

A multi-automation process to identify companies, people, profiles, posts, hashtags and more on LinkedIn. Combined with our network builder and GLM you can now build profile pools, company databases, and much more.