Empower your team

with data automation

Run your business better, faster and at scale

with Dviz Technologies


Automate around your data


We blend latest technologies in software with human systems.

data entry

Data scaling

We help you scale with data whether for your marketplace, your social interaction or enhancing customer experience.


Data enrichment

We help you enrich your data by accessing the most up to date sources out there.

data entry

Data-driven processes

We adapt our software modules to yield best outcomes for your business processes.



Web Automation

Extract data from the web hassle-free!

Our standardized yet unique data automation tools help you turn any website into an active data source!

Social Automation

Reach out to new horizons and customers!

Our social tools keep you engaged and updated with other brands and profiles!

Growth Automation

Grow your marketshare and accounts!

Our lead management tools keep you closer to your accounts and prospects more than ever!

With our evolving technologies, we bring intelligent routine in your business operations with data automation.